Evolution Markets Refunds & Cancellations


The Evolution Markets subscription plan is non-refundable. You agree, adhere and accept that Evolution Markets will assume (With your electronic signature, payment & fingerprint) that you wish your subscription to start immediately and that you consent to Evolution Markets providing you with the relevant access and your subscription contents.

Upon access to the Discord Community and Private Members Area, including the Video Education & Content your membership is active and services redeemed. 

TheEvolution Markets community “Monthly” Subscription is billed automatically each month unless cancelled by you. By subscribing to this package you therefore agree and consent to this. The Evolution Markets Community “Monthly” subscription can be cancelled at any time.

By subscribing, you therefore agree and consent to this.

You can cancel your Evolution Markets subscription at any time, and you will continue to have access to the Evolution platform through to the end of your billing period. 

If you wish to cancel your Evolution Markets community Subscription at any time you can do so by using the MY ACCOUNT feature found on the Evolution website or by contacting us via email. Please reference the email used to sign up as well as your Discord username and ID. 

Cancellation requests must be submitted via email 48 hours before the automatic renewal to ensure that proper time is given to accommodate the request.

Evolution is not held responsible if you forget to cancel your membership prior to the renewal date and no refunds will be provided if this happens. In this event you have one more month to take advantage of the Evolution content and community. Disputing subscriptions will result in an immediate ban from Evolution Trading and payment service providers will be referred to this agreement.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for additional information on situations where your account may be deemed terminated and how it falls into this policy.