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Hey, we are Evolution Markets

Meet the founders of Evolution Markets

Scott Taylor

Throughout Scott's 6 years experience in the markets, he has seen trends come and go. That experience pushed him to develop the Evolution way of trading.

Tom Quinzi

Tom has been trading for over 6 years having started in 2017. He had a wealth of experience of multiple strategies before developing the Evolution way of trading.

Callum Price

Callum is our in house Investment coach and 10 years experience in this field. He brings that experience coupled with unmatched knowledge of the stock markets.

Why are people struggling to learn Forex?

Financial market analysis is a skill that is built over years and can become an income stream to add to your portfolio

Information Overload

In a market where there is a wealth of information at our disposal, it can be hard to filter the noise and choose the best strategy for you.

Complex Systems

A system with various layers can lead to trade paralysis.

Lack of Patience

An important lesson for any trader is to remain paitent until the trade(s) present themselves.

Wrong Mindset

Going into trading forex with the 'get rich quick' mindset will hinder your sucess.

Instead, you need; Evolution Markets

We pride oursevles on a unique approach that will not only give you a level of understanding of the markets that is unmatched, but will help you on your journey to consistency and scale.

Simple Analysis

We have simple factors which are systemized and will imporve your performance.

As Mechanical as a Robot

We have a system that will be as mechanical as possible and lead to excellent execution.

Easy to Follow Plan

We have a plan that is easy to follow and will lead to a flawless execution.

Wealth Building Mindset

A money mindset, seperates you from the crowd.

With this FREE Forex Starter Bundle, you will recieve:

Introduction to Evolution

Who we are, what our vision is and how we can help.

Market Structure Analysis

An introduction to how we view market structure.

Liquidity Theory

How to use liquidity with ease and simplicity.

Multi-Timeframe Analysis

The concept of using time and not just price in your analysis.

Psychology Module

How to get you entering the market with the correct mindset.

PDF Guide

An accompanying guide to go with the video modules.

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FREE Forex Starter Bundle

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